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After searching through car sale ads, making phone calls and taking test drives, you’ve finally found the car you want. So what’s next? You’re not a car mechanic. How do you know if it’s a good buy or whether you’re making a big mistake?
This is where we come in.

It’s a really good idea to ask for a pre-purchase car inspection.

Buying a European car involves spending a significant amount of money. Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen cars have a reputation for being expensive, so it’s important to make sure you know exactly what condition the car is in and that you’re spending your money wisely. 

Things to look for prior to making a car purchase

Always ask the owner if you can have the vehicle inspected. And beware if they say no, or seem to hedge around the question. 
Before you buy, it’s a reasonable expectation to have the car inspected by your choice of mechanic. If a seller says it doesn’t need to be checked, there will be a reason for that. Most genuine sellers will say ‘Yeah, of course! I’ll drop it off, or come to some sort of arrangement where you can get it checked.’.


Why get a pre-purchase car inspection for your vehicle?

When it comes to buying a car, European or otherwise, you want to be sure that you’re not buying someone else’s problems. A common perception is that if it’s an Audi, VW or Mercedes, it will be good quality. And this is true – to a point.
But if a car hasn’t been looked after, there will be issues. Just as you’ll eventually get sick if you eat McDonald’s every day, things will start to go wrong if your car hasn’t been treated well, properly maintained and regularly serviced without regular car maintenance and service.

A pre-purchase check is the best way to identify common problems and concerns.

Simply, it’s about having a good look over the vehicle and checking whether it’s ok. A reliable, thorough mechanic will explain what they have found through the inspection and make you aware of any potential issues that might come up in the future.

On top of this, certain models of cars have common issues that a good mechanic will tell you about, so you’ll know what to watch out for. Protect yourself (and your wallet) by taking the time to be as well-prepared and informed as possible before you agree to purchase a car.

What’s covered in an Aussie Tune’s pre-purchase car inspection?


Our first priority is to have a good look over the mechanical items such as car brakes and tyres. We always test drive the vehicle in the local streets and take it for a good run on the freeway. Chances are the car will be driven at 100km/h so we need to check it while driving at that speed.


We plug in our diagnostic computers and assess the electronic systems, which gives us a guide to the general health of the car. It’s not a complete guarantee but we’ll get an overall picture and identify any areas of concern. For example, if you had a bad fluid condition and a few electronic faults associated with the system, we’d let you know there might be a problem at some point.

Creature Comforts

We check everything that makes your car comfortable to drive – your car’s air conditioning, cruise control, electric seats etc. Not every mechanic inspects these details; many only concentrates on mechanical issues, not the creature comforts of a European vehicle.

Why choose Aussie Tune

Aussie Tune Dandenong are professional car mechanics in Dandenong who specialize in European vehicles. Because we service Audis, Mercedes and VWs every day, we know what to look for, can identify the common problems experienced by these cars and will tell you what costs you will be up for if you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

Protect yourself by booking a thorough pre-purchase inspection with a trustworthy, knowledgeable mechanic.

Call Nigel, Aussie Tune’s European vehicle specialist, on (03) 9794 0997.

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