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The braking system is one of the most important safety components of your vehicle. To ensure the safety of you and your family it is vital that you get it checked regularly. Brakes should be checked during the regular servicing of your vehicle.

Aussie Tune owner Niegel inspecting brakes on European car
Aussie Tune mechanics working on European car
Mechanic inspecting european car at the Aussie Tune workshop near Dandenong

Some of the signs that there are problems with your brakes include:

  • A grinding or squealing sound when you press the brake pedal
    Listen to grinding or squealing sounds when you brake, this might mean you need new brake pads. To further check this issues its best to look at your brake pads and see if they have at least 1/4 inch of the pad left. If brake pads are worn out the outside pad brushes against the metal rotor causing a grinding or squealing sound.
  • A spongy brake pedal
    A spongy brake pedal is caused due to air in the brake system. When there is air in the brake system, it prevents brake fluid from flowing properly. This results in a spongy brake pedal and may require brake fluid flush.
  • The car pulling to one side when you brake
    If you car is pulling to one side on braking it may be due to worn or warped rotors, it may also cause the vehicle to vibrate in certain conditions. Sometimes this can be caused due to contamination on the braking surface.
  • The brake warning light illuminating
  • The brake pedal is hard to press
  • A pulsating feeling when brakes are applied

European Vehicle in Aussie Tune workshop based near Dandenong
Brake pad change on European car at the Aussie Tune workshop

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Brake Services for European Vehicles at Aussie Tune Dandenong

Ensuring the safety of you and your family, our brake services are vital for maintaining your European vehicle's performance. Our skilled mechanics meticulously inspect and repair brakes, addressing issues such as grinding or squealing sounds, spongy brake pedals, and pulling to one side. With state-of-the-art equipment and expert knowledge, we provide peace of mind for all your brake needs. Contact us for a price comparison or to book your brake service today.

A mechanic doing a brake inspection at an Aussie Tune Workshop in Dandenong

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Does Aussie Tune offer a guarantee?

We believe that if you are claiming quality work it must be backed up and the only way to do this is by the guarantee you offer. All parts that we fit to your car a covered by a minimum 12 month 25,000km warranty; if it fails we replace it no charge what so ever; many of our car repairs and services come with a two year or 50,000km warranty. We are so confident in the systems and processes we have in place that if it wasn't done correctly the first time the repair is redone at no cost to you.

Can I be sure the service or repairs are being done correctly?

You can be sure we do and this is why; Information is important when repairing all cars, but essential when working on later model cars. Aussie Tune subscribes to the following technical information sources; Autodata and Autopedia who offer required information such as; manufacturer specific service schedules, wiring diagrams, diagnostic procedures, torque specifications and repair procedures.We regularly attend training clinics and technical information seminars. The owner Nigel has twice traveled to the USA for in depth training in vehicle electronics in Texas and Hybrid vehicle repair in Boston.

What sort of parts are being used?

The short answer is quality parts. We use a mix of genuine and aftermarket parts but only those that are covered by a minimum 12/25,000km warranty and which are sold be suppliers who back their products.

Why don't we service all makes of vehicles?

In order to provide quality service and repairs to the modern car you need the right tools and many of them. It is not financially viable for us to buy every tool needed for every vehicle on the road. We have a vast selection of tools suited to our specialist makes so we can offer you the best result.

What do I do if something goes wrong or I'm not happy with my service?

Give us a call and let us know what went wrong as soon as possible so we can rectify it. If needed we will tow your vehicle back to our workshop to perform the required repairs.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes we offer the ability to pay through Zip pay or Zip Money. See Zip website for terms and conditions.

Can I supply my own parts and just pay for labour?

Our policy is no, we do not fit parts supplied by customers as we want to be able to warranty our work and when the parts are supplied it becomes messy if there is a warranty issue. It keeps it much clearer if we provide both parts and labor.

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