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As a licensed roadworthy provider in Dandenong, serving the areas of Keysborough, Hallam, Noble Park, and beyond, we ensure your European vehicle meets all necessary safety standards for road certification.

Aussie Tune owner Niegel inspecting brakes on European car
Aussie Tune mechanics working on European car
Mechanic inspecting european car at the Aussie Tune workshop near Dandenong

Looking for a roadworthy inspection or roadworthy certificate in Keysborough?

The roadworthy test is an extensive safety check of all major systems of the current vehicle, with the same check being conducted regardless of the age of the vehicle.

Certificate of roadworthiness can only be obtained from a VicRoads licensed provider like Aussie Tune in Dandenong.  Contact us to get the roadworthy cost.

Why you need a certificate of roadworthy?

An RWC (Roadworthy Certificate) is required:

  1. When you purchase or sell a car in Victoria in order to transfer the registration between individuals.
  2. If you are transferring vehicle registration from another Australian state to a Victorian registration.
  3. If the registration has lapsed and you need to re-register the vehicle.
  4. To clear notice of unroadworthiness or a vehicle defect notice.
A video about roadworthy inspections
European car after a roadworthy inspection

Selling a Vehicle and need a Roadworthy Inspection?

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What is the process of the VicRoads roadworthy inspection?

Test standards are issued by VicRoads and all tests must be checked in accordance with these regulations. When a vehicle is presented for a roadworthy inspection the presenter of the vehicle details are collected, as well as the vehicle identification details. A road test of the vehicle is conducted to pick up any possible area of concern. The vehicle inspection is then performed and any components that don’t meet the standard are recorded. During the inspection, a series of photos are taken.  A final road test is performed with a brake test conducted.

Should the vehicle have an item that doesn’t meet the standard it is noted on the official documentation, and a rejection copy of the roadworthy is issued. The owner then has 14 days to have these item rectified. The items are then reinspected and photos were taken.  If the vehicle now meets all the standards the Roadworthy Certificate will be issued and is valid for thirty days.

What does RWC Inspection cover?

Some of the items covered in the Roadworthy inspection include:

All non-safety related issues are not included as a part of the inspection. If you are buying an old car we recommend that you get a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection of the vehicle to get an idea of overall wear or deterioration, air condition gas, and engine wear.  For further information on this service from Aussie Tune Dandenong please see our page Pre-Purchase Car Inspection or give us a call to discuss.

At Aussie Tune Dandenong, we are licensed to perform VicRoads roadworthy inspections on cars, SUVs, 4×4, and taxis, except if the vehicle is on LGP gas. We are a team of professional mechanics who provide car roadworthy certificates for all types of car brands in Dandenong. Along with the roadworthy report, we can also provide full car service and car repairs in Dandenong, we specialise in European brands like Audi, Mercedes Benz and VW.

Aussie Tune mechanic checking brakes and suspension of European vehicle during roadworthy inspection



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Does Aussie Tune offer a guarantee?

We believe that if you are claiming quality work it must be backed up and the only way to do this is by the guarantee you offer. All parts that we fit to your car a covered by a minimum 12 month 25,000km warranty; if it fails we replace it no charge what so ever; many of our car repairs and services come with a two year or 50,000km warranty. We are so confident in the systems and processes we have in place that if it wasn't done correctly the first time the repair is redone at no cost to you.

Can I be sure the service or repairs are being done correctly?

You can be sure we do and this is why; Information is important when repairing all cars, but essential when working on later model cars. Aussie Tune subscribes to the following technical information sources; Autodata and Autopedia who offer required information such as; manufacturer specific service schedules, wiring diagrams, diagnostic procedures, torque specifications and repair procedures.We regularly attend training clinics and technical information seminars. The owner Nigel has twice traveled to the USA for in depth training in vehicle electronics in Texas and Hybrid vehicle repair in Boston.

What sort of parts are being used?

The short answer is quality parts. We use a mix of genuine and aftermarket parts but only those that are covered by a minimum 12/25,000km warranty and which are sold be suppliers who back their products.

Why don't we service all makes of vehicles?

In order to provide quality service and repairs to the modern car you need the right tools and many of them. It is not financially viable for us to buy every tool needed for every vehicle on the road. We have a vast selection of tools suited to our specialist makes so we can offer you the best result.

What do I do if something goes wrong or I'm not happy with my service?

Give us a call and let us know what went wrong as soon as possible so we can rectify it. If needed we will tow your vehicle back to our workshop to perform the required repairs.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes we offer the ability to pay through Zip pay or Zip Money. See Zip website for terms and conditions.

Can I supply my own parts and just pay for labour?

Our policy is no, we do not fit parts supplied by customers as we want to be able to warranty our work and when the parts are supplied it becomes messy if there is a warranty issue. It keeps it much clearer if we provide both parts and labor.

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