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The role of suspension in a car is to provide a smooth and stable ride by absorbing the shocks and vibrations from the road surface. Suspension also helps to maintain the contact and grip between the tires and the road, which improves the steering, handling, and safety of the car.

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A shock absorber is a mechanical device used on the vehicle to smooth and absorb bumps in the road.

When a shock is compressed, oil is forced through the tiny orifices in the shock piston. This slows the movement of the shock absorber as it is compressed and as a result, slows the rate of the spring as well.

Shocks should be replaced when they are worn as worn shocks will increase stopping distances, create excessive bounce and create excessive roll and sway in the body.

Control Arm Bushes

Control arms come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but are designed to allow the wheel to pivot up and down when the vehicle hits a bump.

The control arm is attached to the subframe - the part of the vehicle that supports the engine. The end of the control arm closest to the wheel has a ball joint that attaches the control arm to the wheel while allowing a range of movement.

The inside ends of the control arm - the parts closest to the centre of the vehicle - are attached to the subframe normally with a rubber bushing.

The bushing allows a small amount of movement between the control arm and subframe, and reduces the bump felt through the vehicle when a pothole is hit.

Worn control arm bushings can cause clunking noises under acceleration or braking and can cause the tire to wear unevenly

Air Suspension

Air suspension is a type of suspension system that uses compressed air to support the vehicle’s weight and adjust its ride height.

Air suspension is offered for many modern SUVs, luxury cars, and even regular commuter cars from brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover.

However, air suspension also has some disadvantages, such as:

Higher cost and complexity, as the air suspension requires more components and maintenance than coil springs.

Higher risk of failure and leakage, as the air suspension relies on air compressors, valves, hoses, and sensors that can malfunction or wear out over time. 12

Lower reliability and durability, as the air suspension is more sensitive to temperature, moisture, and contamination than coil springs.

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Suspension System Inspections Melbourne

Inspection process

The inspection process of checking a car suspension bushes involves the following steps:

1. Lift the car and secure it on jack stands or a hoist.

2. Locate the suspension bushes on the control arms, sway bars, shock absorbers, and other suspension components. They are usually black or grey rubber or polyurethane cushions that separate metal parts.

3. Visually inspect the suspension bushes for signs of damage, such as cracks, tears, splits, or deformation. Also check for signs of oil or grease leakage, as this can indicate a worn or faulty shock absorber.

4. Use a pry bar or a screwdriver to apply pressure to the suspension bushes and check for excessive play or movement. A good bush should be firm and stable, while a bad bush will be loose and wobbly.

5. Listen for any squeaking or creaking noises when applying pressure to the suspension bushes, as this can indicate a dry or worn bush.

Suspension tester

The Monroe Suspension Tester is a device that allows you to test the performance of the shock absorbers on a car. It is a cordless, hand-held tool that can be attached to the panel above the wheel being tested. It uses both the rebound method and the damping ratio to measure the vertical movement of the shock absorbers.

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Does Aussie Tune offer a guarantee?

We believe that if you are claiming quality work it must be backed up and the only way to do this is by the guarantee you offer. All parts that we fit to your car a covered by a minimum 12 month 25,000km warranty; if it fails we replace it no charge what so ever; many of our car repairs and services come with a two year or 50,000km warranty. We are so confident in the systems and processes we have in place that if it wasn't done correctly the first time the repair is redone at no cost to you.

Can I be sure the service or repairs are being done correctly?

You can be sure we do and this is why; Information is important when repairing all cars, but essential when working on later model cars. Aussie Tune subscribes to the following technical information sources; Autodata and Autopedia who offer required information such as; manufacturer specific service schedules, wiring diagrams, diagnostic procedures, torque specifications and repair procedures.We regularly attend training clinics and technical information seminars. The owner Nigel has twice traveled to the USA for in depth training in vehicle electronics in Texas and Hybrid vehicle repair in Boston.

What sort of parts are being used?

The short answer is quality parts. We use a mix of genuine and aftermarket parts but only those that are covered by a minimum 12/25,000km warranty and which are sold be suppliers who back their products.

Why don't we service all makes of vehicles?

In order to provide quality service and repairs to the modern car you need the right tools and many of them. It is not financially viable for us to buy every tool needed for every vehicle on the road. We have a vast selection of tools suited to our specialist makes so we can offer you the best result.

What do I do if something goes wrong or I'm not happy with my service?

Give us a call and let us know what went wrong as soon as possible so we can rectify it. If needed we will tow your vehicle back to our workshop to perform the required repairs.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes we offer the ability to pay through Zip pay or Zip Money. See Zip website for terms and conditions.

Can I supply my own parts and just pay for labour?

Our policy is no, we do not fit parts supplied by customers as we want to be able to warranty our work and when the parts are supplied it becomes messy if there is a warranty issue. It keeps it much clearer if we provide both parts and labor.

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