Car Air Conditioning Service & Regas Dandenong


Looking for car air conditioning service, car air conditioning regas or car air conditioning repair in Dandenong or nearby suburbs?

Aussie Tune Dandenong staff are trained, licenced and equipped to perform regular air conditioning service requirements and car air conditioning regas if required. Aussie Tune Dandenong is licenced with the Australian Refrigeration Council ARC (Licence number – 43968) to legally handle Fluorocarbon Refrigerants such as that used in vehicle air conditioning systems.

Having your air conditioning service from your auto mechanic helps prevent problems occurring when you need it the most.


What is involved in an air conditioner service?

– A computer scan tool is connected to check for any Air Conditioning system electrical faults stored in the vehicle computer.
– With the vehicle running the temperature is checked at the vent for temperature readings.
– The Air conditioning machine is connected to the vehicle and with the vehicles, Air-conditioning system working the system pressure is checked. (System pressure indicates the condition of the health of the system).
– A recycle procedure is performed and the amount of refrigerant extracted is measured and compared to the vehicle specifications/technical data.
– If appropriate the receiver-drier (filter) assembly is replaced.
– The system is recharged with the correct amount of refrigerant and lubricant.
– A dye is added to the system to aid in locating leaks in the future.

Should I get my vehicle air conditioning serviced or regas even if it is running cool or should I wait till it stops working?

Like all servicing with your car, the air-conditioning system can pick up issues early and prevent additional damage that could be caused if the system was to run out of gas or other issues occur.

We recommend newer cars, less than 10 years old have their air conditioning system serviced every 2 years and cars older than 10 years every year. This is because as vehicles age they have a greater chance of leakages as the components deteriorate.

Do I need to get my car Air Conditioning Regas?

Most of the time if your air conditioning isn’t working it is probably because the gas has leaked out. We need to find out where it has leaked from prior to charging the system with gas. It is illegal to regas the system with a known leak, due to the effect on the environment.

The system is checked as in the service described above including the computer scan, pressure testing the system, visually inspecting all hoses, joints, connections and other air conditioning hardware.  Once the leak is found we will advise you if there is any additional cost to repairing the leak prior to proceeding.

Once the leak is repaired we recharge the system with appropriate amounts of oil and gas (R134a) according to the vehicle specification. A dye is added to the gas in order to detect leaks in the future. Other problems may also occur with the hardware components that make up the air-conditioning system causing the system to fail in operation. If this is the case we will discuss with you the options and prices for the work required.

Watch the video below to know how a car air conditioner works and how we can fix it?

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