Regular Car Servicing

The What and Why of Servicing

Regular car servicing is important for the ongoing reliability of your vehicle, to detect any issues before they become a major problem and to ensure your safety during your travels.

At Aussie Tune we recommend:

Minor car service every 10,000km

Major car service every 20-30,000km depending on your type of vehicle.

Oil changes every 5000km if you do a lot of short trips. (5-20km a day).

Maintaining your new car warranty

“You must have your new car serviced with us. This is the great myth that the car dealers will tell you so that you bring your car back to them. It is important to have the service book stamp not only to fulfil the warranty requirement but it also helps in the resale of your vehicle.”

These are the facts you need to know about vehicle statutory warranties and how they are dealt with at Aussie Tune:

When you purchase a new car the manufacturer provides a service (Log) book as part of the sales package to inform both you the owner and the service technician of the anticipated service requirements of that vehicle.

The service intervals listed must be performed at the specified time.

The work is being carried out by qualified technicians.

To maintain the statutory warranty the procedures and requirements listed in the service book must be adhered to.

All parts and lubricants must meet or exceed the given manufacturers standards.

At Aussie Tune, our European car mechanics follow the procedures and requirements listed in each service book.

A service book service at Aussie Tune will not void your statutory warranty.

A stamp will be place in the appropriate place within your service book to confirm that the procedures listed have been carried out as required by the manufacturer.

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