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Looking for complete fleet vehicle maintenance providers in Dandenong? Commercial Vehicle Servicing and fleet vehicle maintenance usually involves utes and vans that are used in business. In keeping with the focus Aussie Tune has on European vehicles, our chief service and maintenance work for commercial customers in Dandenong is carried out on Mercedes Sprinters and Vitos, Volkswagen Amaroks, Crafters, Transporters and Caddy.

Fleet Vehicle: Ute and Van Servicing

A commercial vehicle must be reliable. Your business ute or van has to get you or your staff to and from work, and to achieve everything your business requires throughout the day. As a result, it’s important to minimise the time the work vehicle spends at the mechanic.

A regular, planned servicing schedule will help with this.

The advantage is that both you as the business owner, or your fleet manager, and your mechanic have knowledge of what will be required for the vehicle. So, if we can tell you that ‘this is going to cost $2000 and take two days’, you can then plan accordingly regarding logistics and cost.

Obviously, we don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict when something will go wrong. But, we can let you know what is likely to become a problem in the future, and address it before your vehicle ends up off the road and costing you money in lost revenue. From a financial perspective, it is also helpful for sole traders and businesses to be in a position to plan for bigger expenses if they are aware when they are coming up.

What’s covered in a fleet vehicle service?

The same factors are covered as in a normal car service. We plug in our diagnostic computers and assess the electronic systems to give us a guide to the general health of the car. It’s not a complete guarantee but we’ll get an overall picture and identify any areas of concern.

General maintenance checks during the service cover tyres, brakes, transmission repairs, suspension, electrical issues, addressing warning lights on your dash and so on. Wheel alignments are also available.

We follow the manufacturer’s set schedule. For example, Mercedes state the areas to be addressed at each major service – 10,000kms, 20,000kms. It’s not the same service every time and the price will vary depending on the service and repairs that needs to be carried out. The work and cost involved will be communicated during the time your vehicle is in our care.

All regular servicing, on-going maintenance and any issues that may arise for commercial vehicles are communicated and addressed according to your approval. Understanding your vehicle and building trust in our working relationship is important to us.

Weekend and After-hours Fleet Services

Depending on the industry, it can be tricky to know when to pull your ute or van out of commission for service. Generally speaking, work vehicles are required to be on the road during working hours, which vary greatly from business to business. Saturday is often a good day for tradies to have their vehicle serviced, and we are also prepared to do after-hours (by appointment) if it assists with keeping your business running smoothly. Just give us a call and we will sort it out.

Fleet Car Servicing

Aussie Tune works with several businesses that have multiple business vehicles. We have been able to work with those businesses and their admin departments to make servicing convenient and manageable. Should you wish to explore this as an option for your business, get in touch and we can have a conversation about what is required and the best way to make it a successful experience.

If your business vehicles are part of a Fleet Maintenance Company, we are happy to make enquiries about what it would take to become a preferred supplier for that Fleet Company.

Loan cars

There is a loan ute available for tradies and commercial use; the smaller Aussie Tune loan cars are also available but they may not suit your work needs. Where appropriate, we can pick up and drop off the vehicle requiring a service. While we are based in Dandenong and prefer pick-up and delivery to be relatively close to the workshop, it’s certainly not out of the question to travel.

We are a fully equipped workshop and can provide a wide variety of automotive services for both petrol and diesel engines.

– Log Book Servicing – with the ability to perform the full servicing following
manufacturer Handbook specifications.
– All Mechanical Repairs
– All Engine Repairs for petrol and diesel vehicles
– Fault Diagnosis
– Electrical Repairs
– Complete Electronic Fuel Injection, ABS, Brakes, Exhaust, Suspension
– Airbag Service and Repairs
Brake Repair
Air Conditioning Service/ climate control maintenance and repairs
Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Here is how we work with you:
1. Great communication

If a vehicle is booked in for a service or repair and additional issues are identified we will
contact the decision-maker to obtain go ahead or discuss the issues and relevant
Detailed invoices will be provided so you know exactly what has happened to the vehicles. And assist with planning decisions regarding your fleet.

2. Convenience

We have various options to help make maintenance of your business vehicles convenient. Discuss with us your business needs such as pick up/drop off, or loan vehicles.
Convenient invoicing and record-keeping.

3. Specialising in European Vehicles

If your fleet includes European vehicles they are in good hands. We have invested in equipment specific to these brands, we use parts and fluids approved by these manufacturers and we have had experience with the vehicle service and repair requirements of these vehicles.

Aussie Tune Commercial Van and Ute Servicing

Aussie Tune Dandenong are professional, experienced car service mechanics, specializing in European vehicles. Working with Audis, Mercedes and VWs every day, we know what to look for and how to identify common problems experienced by these commercial vehicles. Speak to us to discuss and plan your ute and van commercial vehicle service options. For any enquiries give us a call on 03 9794 0997 or email us at admin@aussietune.com.au.

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Mercedes Sprinter
Mercedes Vito
Renault Master
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VW Caddy
VW Crafter
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