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Car mechanics, as an industry, tend to have a bad reputation. People often feel that it’s very easy to be scammed or taken advantage of, and they worry about bringing their vehicle to someone they don’t know.

Building trust and honesty

As an experienced mechanic who runs my own business, I am aware of the need to build trusting, honest relationships with my suppliers and customers.

We recently worked on a vehicle belonging to a female customer whose car was making a strange noise. After calling for advice, she brought her car to the workshop so we could get an idea of where the problem lay. She arrived, three young children in tow, obviously nervous about not being taken seriously, and the potential of being ripped off financially. And she’s, by far, not the only person to feel this way.

That’s why my first priority is always to help our customers feel comfortable.

People want to feel heard. Our mechanics listen. If a customer needs twenty minutes to explain something, we take the time to do so. Most arguments and misunderstandings usually arise because someone doesn’t feel heard. Listening to our customers builds trust and helps us to get to know each other. It’s important.

At Aussie Tune Dandenong, we step our customers through the process. Initially, we take a look at the vehicle, maybe go for a short drive with the client so we can discuss, feel and hear the issue together. Once we have established a reasonable idea where the problem lies, we book a time for the customer to leave it at the garage. Where possible, our customers can borrow a courtesy car or, alternatively, we can arrange to pick their car up from them.

My overwhelming principle is that everything that I do needs to:

  • Honour God
  • Honour the customer
  • Be good for business and my suppliers

Our customer’s best interests are top priority. It’s their money, not mine, therefore spending it without their approval is theft. It’s important to always be 100% honest so, prior to starting work, we inform the clients what is wrong with their vehicle and what it will cost to fix the problem. And, in the event that something goes wrong, we let them know immediately and do everything in our power to resolve the situation quickly and with as little impact as possible.

We provide value for money

Standard warranty on most automotive stuff is 12 months / 20,000km’s. Most of our Aussie Tune warranties are two years / 50,000km’s. And that’s not because the parts come with a 50,000km warranty. If mechanics use the right parts and tools, they will easily last that long, so it’s a pretty easy promise to fulfil. There are exceptions, of course. We don’t extend the warranty on tires, wiper blades and oil changes, for example. But on bigger repairs, if we put in your new water pump or something, then offering this warranty ties into my three guiding principles – and that’s what we hold on to.

Building a customer relationship

Honouring our clients, their vehicles and their money helps to build an open and honest relationship. We want Aussie Tune Dandenong clients to trust us and the work we do for them. The service we provide is more than simply fixing their broken vehicles. From pre-purchase inspections, to carrying out a roadworthy, or repairing a significant issue with their car, sustaining our customers’ comfort and happiness is paramount.

At Aussie Tune we service most makes and models but specialise in European Vehicles specifically Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes servicing and repair. To chat with Nigel, Aussie Tune’s European vehicle specialist, call (03) 9794 0997.

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