ADAS Calibration for Panel Beaters, Mechanics, and Aussie Tune Dandenong Clients

Aussie Tune Dandenong are happy to announce that we’ve recently expanded our services to include ADAS Calibration. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are safety and control technologies found in most European vehicles, post 2018. We offer this specialist service to mechanics, panel shops and our Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Skoda clients. Any structural work done on a vehicle can affect the alignment of the Cameras and Radar sensors that monitor the surroundings. The ADAS calibration process double-checks that they are in correct working order.

What is ADAS and Why do I need it?

ADAS are designed to enhance safety and driving comfort, and to avoid contact with other cars, pedestrians, and cyclists. ADAS also detects road markings and signs, assisting with lane positioning and ‘following distance’. ADAS activate in an emergency by applying autonomous braking assistance and corrective steering.

Essential ADAS Safety Critical applications include:
• Pedestrian detection/avoidance
• Lane departure warning/correction
• Traffic sign recognition
• Automatic emergency braking
• Blind spot detection
• Adaptive Cruise Control

When does ADAS need Calibration?

Any alteration to the vehicle including windscreen replacement, suspension alteration or spring/shocks replacement, any distortion/damage to the bumpers (front or rear), and changes to the wheel alignment, all require an ADAS calibration. These important safety systems may fail if not properly aligned. A misalignment of only .5 of a degree in pitch or yaw can have major ramifications over a distance of 300 meters.

If you are a mechanic:

Whenever you work on a vehicle with ADAS, we can run the diagnostics to assist you in the care of your own clients and ensure their systems are operating safely and effectively.

If you are a panel shop:

Of all the mechanical trades, you guys see the most instances of ADAS damage. Aussie Tune Dandenong can be your partner in complete driving safety for your clients.

If you are our client:

Rest assured in the knowledge that our specialist mechanics will make sure that, when you leave our workshop, you and your loved ones are driving with the most up-to-date safety standards in the world.

Our highly trained staff at Aussie Tune Dandenong are not only able to calibrate your ADAS but will provide a full calibration report including a certificate of calibration upon completion.

Contact Aussie Tune Dandenong today for all of your ADAS needs. Our attention to detail and customer care is second to none.

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