Roadworthy Certificate & Roadworthy Inspection Dandenong

A roadworthy certificate & roadworthy inspection is required when you purchase or sell a car in Victoria. The roadworthy test is an extensive safety check of all major systems of the current vehicle, with the same check being conducted regardless of the age of the vehicle.

Roadworthy Certificate & Roadworthy Inspection

Test standards are issued by Vicroads and all tests must be checked in accordance with these regulations. When a vehicle is presented for a roadworthy inspection the presenter of the vehicle details are collected, as well as the vehicle identification details.A road test of the vehicle is conducted to pick up any possible area of concern. The vehicle inspection is then performed and any components that don’t meet the standard are recorded. A final road test is performed with a brake test conducted.

The vehicle details, brake test and inspection information is recorded on official Vicroads paper work. Should the vehicle have an item that doesn’t meet the standard it is noted on the official documentation, and a rejection copy of the roadworthy is issued. During the inspection a series of photo’s are taken to prove the vehicles were inspected as required by Vicroads. The owner then has seven days to have this item rectified.The item is then reinspected and if rectified a roadworthy certificate will be issued which is valid for thirty days.

At Aussie Tune Dandenong, we are licensed to perform roadworthy inspections on all cars, SUVs, 4×4, and taxis.

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