BG Performance Protection Plan

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We are excited to offer our customers the exclusive BG Protection Plan in partnership with BG Australia. This plan provides eligible vehicles with coverage for a range of components to give you peace of mind and protect your investment. When you bring your vehicle in for its regular log book service and opt for the BG Performance Engine Service, you will be registered for the BG Protection Plan and receive coverage for the next 12 months. To maintain this coverage for the life of your vehicle, simply continue to have the BG Performance Service at the recommended intervals.

What is the BG Protection Plan?

When the eligible vehicle has the BG Performance Engine Service as part of their regular log book service the vehicle is registered with the BG Protection Plan and you will receive a document of coverage for the next 12 months.

To maintain the coverage ongoing for the life of the vehicle it is required to be serviced with the BG Performance Service at the correct intervals.
For the explanation of the amounts of coverage and the components covered please visit

What vehicles are eligible?

There are two plans and the eligibility is based on the kilometres of the vehicle when they are first registered.

Plan 1: The vehicle is serviced before 80,000km with the BG Engine Performance Service.

Plan 2: The vehicle is serviced between 80,001km and 120,000km with the BG Engine Performance Service.

To maintain the Lifetime cover the BG Performance Service is required to take place on the vehicle every 15,000km or 12 months whichever comes first. The BG Protection Plan coverage stays with the vehicle under these circumstances even if the vehicle is sold so long as the new owner follows the maintenance requirement as just stated.

What are the BG Performance Engine Services?

The BG Performance Engine Service involves the use of 3 additive in both petrol and Diesel engines. Two in the engine system and one in the fuel system. More information on the BG Petrol performance Service and the BG Diesel Performance service can be found at

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