Aussie Tune and COVID-19


Aussie Tune is here to help you during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are OPEN during our standard operating hours! Monday-Friday, 8am-5:30pm. Saturday by appointment.

As we eagerly watch the numbers decline Aussie Tune Dandenong will remain open to working with those who need our services through the steps to ‘COVID Normal’ with an emphasis on COVID safety for our staff and customers.

We have had confirmation from our industry bodies that Automotive can be open for:

Under the current guidance, automotive, machinery and equipment repair and maintenance are permitted to operate: 

  • where service providers are providing support to a permitted service or industry or

  • where it is required to maintain the health and safety of Victorians at home or at work (e.g. routine maintenance, vehicle repairs and critical maintenance including disinfection).

This includes Routine maintenance (i.e. logbook service or scheduled maintenance) is permitted as a standalone service for safety purposes only, including for repairs and product recalls. 

You can see the Government response by clicking this link.

How we have altered our daily work as we work through the steps:

Onsite drop off and pick up

We have made this contactless. Upon arriving at our facility please call us from your car and we will arrange to collect your keys or give you your car back contactless. Our facility is closed to the public.

Vehicle pick up from home or work

We are still happy to pick up your vehicle from your home or work subject to distance should this be required. We will contact you when we arrive to your house or business and arrange contactless handover of keys.

We are avoiding travelling in vehicles with customers and so the vehicle pick up may work better where we have previously dropped you home or to work. Otherwise, a loan car option is available.

Loan Cars

We have just started back the use of loan vehicles. We have had them professionally cleaned ready to go and we will be scheduling the use of them to ensure they are disinfected between each use. If you require the use of a loan car please let us know when you book your vehicle in.

COVID Safe procedures

We are continuing all processes of social distancing, cleaning procedures, use of plastic covers inside vehicles, mandatory masks, hand hygiene, the use of gloves and wiping frequently touched surfaces.

We have suspended vacuuming vehicles in with us for a service at this time in order to limit the time spent in your vehicle and the number of touchpoints. Thank you for understanding.

Payment options:

We understand the need to watch expenses at this time.  We have 2 payment options available if you need to spread the payment over weeks or months.  We are able to offer payment through GoPay and OpenPay.
Please let us know if you require more information on this.

How you can help us:

If you are feeling sick, feverish, coughing, runny nose, sore throat or other symptoms we would kindly appreciate you calling to rebook.

If you are a known close contact of a confirmed positive case of COVID please call us to rebook your car service.

Kindly turn off your vehicle heater/air conditioner fan when you bring your car into us.

Some frequently asked questions (based on our current understanding of the new restrictions and communications with our industry bodies)

Q – Can I get a logbook service done?

A – Yes, 
scheduled logbook services are now permitted for safety purposes. We received communication from the VACC on the 16th September stating the following from the Victorian Government:

Routine maintenance (i.e. logbook or scheduled maintenance) is permitted as a standalone service for safety purposes only, including for repairs. 

Scheduled logbook services involve inspection of many safety items on your vehicle.

Q – Can I get a safety item fixed on my vehicle?

A – Yes, we are permitted to perform essential and critical repairs and maintenance to support the permitted services and trades and for the health and safety of Victorians. For example, if you require your vehicle for work or transport we are permitted to repair safety issues on your vehicles such as a globe, brakes, tyres or critical maintenance such as a dash light is on.  Give us a call to discuss if you have concerns about your vehicle.

From us here at Aussie Tune our thoughts are with you as we continue to wait this out. The recent easing of some restrictions and opportunities for people to get back to work is encouraging and we are hopeful for more industries and businesses in the coming weeks. It is a very difficult time for so many. Thank you for your kind support and understanding as we navigate this together. We will keep doing our best to provide our service to those who need us and importantly keeping everyone safe.

If you have any questions about any of this please reach out.

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