Like probably most of you we are frustrated and uncertain with the current situation and wondering how long this lockdown will continue. We hope to bring you some empowerment when it comes to looking after your car at this time.

Automotive is permitted as an authorised providers for vehicle and mechanical repair services. We are OPEN during our standard operating hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5:30pm. Saturday by appointment.

We can do your service or repair with hygiene practices in place:

  • Ensure physical distancing (1.5 metres) and mask wearing.
  • Practice good hygiene and sanitizing frequently touch surfaces
  • Cover packs used on seats, steering wheel and gear stick. Wiping keys and other surfaces not covered.
  • QR codes for visitors onsite / keeping thorough records
  • Avoiding interactions in close spaces
  • Contactless payment options are available.

We can work with you to ensure we are following restriction:

  • Please contact us to discuss any concerns regarding restrictions.

We don’t want your car to fail you when you need it the most:

  • Although you may not be using your car as much regular servicing is important as some item perish over time not just with usage.
  • Failing to address some issues can lead to bigger issues down the track.
  • Post lockdown mechanic will be busy so to avoid long delays in bookings later give us a call now to discuss your needs.
  • We understand the need to watch expenses at this time. We do have a payment plan option through Openpay that may help spread the cost.

From us here at Aussie Tune our thoughts are with you as we wait this out and especially those in industries really hard hit. It is a very difficult time for so many.
Thank you for your kind support and understanding as we continue to do our best to provide our service to those who need us at this time.

If you have any questions about any of this please reach out.

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